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Comments We Receive
on the Program:

The following comment
from a Barbers Point parent is typical of the messages we receive:

"Since participating in RAP my daughter has gotten better in school and shows more interest in her homework. She constantly requests that I read to her. I am really glad that I have decided to attend this worthwhile program.
Thank you for helping us help our children."

Click on the images below to read the endorsements:

Jim Trelease

Kent Matsumara, Principal
Honowai Elementary

Makaha Elementary 2015
Nelson Shigeta, Principal


Cynthia Sunahara, Principal
Linapuni Elementary


Judi Wong, Principal
Pohakea Elementary

Parent evaluation of the
RAP program at Makaha Elementary School



Richard Burns,State Librarian
Hawaii State Public Library

Susie Osborne, Head of School
Kua o ka la NCPCS


Teacher/Parent evaluation of the RAP Program at Barbers Point Elementary School


Richard Paul, Principal
Hana High & Elementary



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